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Business Planning

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If you don't want your business to end when you're moving on, the best thing you can do is create a solid legacy plan.

Our highly experienced team can support you in crafting the ideal legacy for your business, down to the finest of details.



You invest so much in so many different ways to build your business. If something happens, you want to ensure your family gets the full value of your business.

You also want to ensure your employees have security to move forward. By starting with a proper valuation and building a plan from that you can accomplish those goals.


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Often these discussions start with “who is a key person”. This is where we come in.

We help you determine who are the people on your team you couldn’t live without. Then we evaluate what the financial impact of losing them would be to your business. Finally, we help you properly insure these individuals.


Often, the owner or one or two of those key people would have an immediate detrimental impact if they were hurt or sick and couldn’t work for a while.

Through the use of Business Overhead Protection we can ensure you have the cash flow to keep the bills paid, the lights on, and payroll flowing while you or your key people recover.

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Your key people are vital to the future of your business. Every business knows their employees are important and there are a few they just couldn’t live without.

Executive benefits are creative plans that help ensure those people stay with you for the long haul and aren’t lured away by the competition. Some call them “golden handcuffs”. We call it smart planning.


High-quality benefits can make a huge difference to the retention levels of your business.

We work with you to craft a suitable employee benefits plan tailored to your business requirements, goals, and pain points.


OUr Consulting

Leadership Coaching

A strong workforce needs strong leadership for long-term success. Our leadership coaching services ensure managers and senior staff have the knowledge and expertise to properly support staff for greater productivity and excellent outcomes.

 Core Value Identification Consulting

Values and ethos shape every part of how a business functions, from staff engagement to the message you show to others. Our expertise in identifying and supporting core values ensures your business goals and culture line up with what you value the most.

DISC Personality Consulting

An effective and highly functional model for the workplace, we create DISC profiles to enhance productivity and improve staff harmony to help your business grow. For the development of talent and to get the most out of your employees, DISC personality testing and consultancy is the perfect place to start.


Rick Dykes
Owner, Expert Business Consultant

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A Trusted Advisor

As business owners ourselves, we understand your needs. As business continuity specialists we will partner with you to create the right plan to ensure your business thrives long into the future.

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Evaluate Your BusiNESS

Every good plan starts with an evaluation. We believe we need to know where you are before we can help you get where you want to be. Some businesses may need immediate help with retention through benefits, while others need to review their key employees first. We want to make sure we’re helping you move forward in confidence wherever you’re starting from.

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Personalized Plan To Fit Your Needs

There's no such thing as generic service with Congevity. Instead, our strategic plans are built around making sure you have the right plan in place for Succession, Protection and Retention. We will work together with you to prioritize the needs and put plans in place for all three. Since every business is different, each plan is unique.


Rick Dykes

Rick has taken his 20 years combined experience in leadership, ministry, public speaking, financial advice, and insurance sales to create Congevity. By utilizing his expertise your business and your team will be better equipped to go into the future.


Congevity is honest and fair, and they really treat their clients like a member of their own family! Rick helped my father with his Medicaid paperwork and really helped him a lot. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for coverage!

- Nicole Shultz

Rick makes shopping for insurance so easy! He’s a such a knowledgeable guy and very easy to work with. Will definitely use him again.

- Boone Lane

When all others failed to get me approved for life insurance, Mr. Dikes was able to get it done. Don’t go through a financial advisor. Use Congevity Insurance, you’ll be glad you did.

- Matthew Lepore

Rick is a stand-up guy who will work to get you the best deal possible! He really cares about his clients!

Jamie Waters

I met Rick at Congevity around 3 years ago during enrollment at this time I was in need of a better insurance plan for my grandmother.... "Rick was God sent"

Nashika Brown

Rick worked with me to find the best insurance plan for me. He took the time to speak with me about the different plans and made sure we picked the right one for me.

Brianna Bonds

Personal Planning Services

Are you interested in personal planning services? Our specialist team also has experience in helping individuals through various insurance planning processes. Take a look at our personalized services now to find out if we could help you.

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