Business Planning

business planning


What will happen to your business in the long run? Planning for succession is the fundamental way to improve longevity and ensure your business is both valuable and prepared for passing down, handing over, or selling at a later date.

Business Valuations

Understanding the value of your business is an integral part of preparing for succession. Our expert team can create a complete valuation of your current business, as well as plan towards a future where you may consider selling or handing down your business.

Buy/Sell Arrangements

Are you thinking of selling? Our succession services are tailored towards your individual goals, and we can work alongside you to devise the ideal buy/sell agreement with an outside party when you're ready to do so.

Creative Plan for Inside Sells

As an independent, skilled team, we're able to think outside the box when it comes to succession and business planning. If you require expert help in creative planning for inside selling your business, we'll create the ideal strategy for you to follow.


Providing your business with the protection it needs can be the robust foundation necessary to grow and weather any storm. With a focus on business protection through proactive action, Congevity helps ensure a long, bright future for your company.

Key Person Benefits

Retention of key employees and high-level staff can make a huge difference to keeping your business running as it should. We can advise on a range of options for key person benefits and incentives, keeping talented employees on-staff for longer.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Insurance and peace of mind go hand-in-hand. With business overhead expense insurance, you can help set your business on a steady path to long-term success. As independent agents, we're more than qualified to find the best option for you.



Retention of employees is a vital strategy for any business to utilize. Congevity has the know-how and expertise to support you in creating viable retention schemes and plans that benefit both employees and businesses in the long term.

Employee Benefits

High turnover or struggling to maintain stellar low-level employees? A powerful and effective benefits scheme may be precisely what you need to attract new hires and retain existing, stellar staff members in the process.

Executive Benefits

Executives are the most challenging employees to replace. But, with a new, custom-designed benefits scheme, you can keep valuable staff members involved in your business for longer. So if you're serious about longevity, benefits are the place to start.

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