business consulting

Leadership Coaching

High-quality output and enhanced productivity start with excellent leadership. Our team at Congevity has extensive experience in providing leadership coaching for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a new startup or a long-standing business looking to shake up management, our leadership training provides the foundations to support staff. Through professional coaching, we work with you to create a positive workplace culture and improve retention in the process.

Core Value Identification Consulting

The values and ethos of your business are central to how you operate and the way your company is perceived. As businesses grow, messages can get lost or muddied. Our core value identification consulting service at Congevity aims to identify those strong values. We support you in conveying the right message, achieving focus, and aligning your business planning with those all-important core principles. From supporting culture-focused in-house changes to embedding your values into the hiring process, we support you every step of the way.


Personality consulting

Personality can play a larger role than you’d think in the harmony and success of your internal company culture. Utilizing the popular DISC personality framework, our specialists at Congevity can provide valuable insight. From how best to enhance working connections to how to improve productivity by playing to your employee’s strengths. Whether you’re considering personality testing for new hires or you want to adapt current workplace practices to better align with staff satisfaction, we can support you in achieving those goals.

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