When DISC Is Not Enough2 minute read

Most people in the business world are familiar with the DISC personality profiling tool. That’s because it’s very accurate, easy to understand, and easy to apply to both individuals and teams. But, what most people don’t realize is that as a team building or hiring tool it doesn’t really give you the whole picture. 

We sometimes get asked, what do personality assessments have to do with the mission of Congevity. As you know, we serve businesses in three areas: Succession, Protection, and Retention.

We think having team members who are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses and doing a job that fits them are less likely to leave. So, personality assessments are it’s a big part of retention planning. These assessments are also an overlooked piece of good succession planning, particularly in small businesses. 

For example, we could create a fully funded, well-documented buy/sell succession plan for a key person to take over the company. However, if the day comes for that person to take over and they’re not prepared, or if they’re not really suited for taking over the company, we haven’t done a great service to our client.

Our mission is continuity and longevity. Where the buy/sell documents and funding create continuity. Additionally, without proper development of the successor, we’re not serving the client well on longevity. 

So, back to why we feel As such, DISC isn’t the whole picture. DISC is about observable behavior. It answers the question, “How do I behave?”. It’s typically something people know about you, whether they can label it or not because it’s outwardly displayed. What it doesn’t show is why you behave that way. And, the why is important because. It shows a person’s motives.

That’s why we partnered with TTI Success Insights for our assessments. Their report covers both the how (DISC) and the why (Core Motivators) in one comprehensive view of the individual. Equipped with that information, leaders are able to better direct their organization, retain the best talent and ensure their business lasts long beyond themselves.

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